The OFFSHORE is made for those who spend their day out there. It allows you to carry water, a tool, your phone, a snack, safety equipment and much more thanks to its practical and accessible pockets.

Its fit is inspired by trail running vests, hence maintaining a great freedom of movement and mobility of the upper body once at sea. The OFFSHORE takes up as little space as possible on the water, while still being able to carry a maximum number of accessories, including a wing! Indeed, thanks to its two external straps, it allows you to deflate in total comfort. Once you’ve reached your starting point, sit on your board, fold the wing, open the two straps, and compress the wing outside the bag. What’s more, the often-flashy colors of the wings make you even more visible from afar.

We advise you to use the WING PADDLE ATTACHMENTS we’ve developed, so that you can secure your paddle along the central strut of your wing. The OFFSHORE bag has paddle attachments, but having the paddle in the wing is much more comfortable.


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