MEN X10D - FZ 4,3 mm 2023



  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • ST
  • MT
  • MS
  • LS
  • WARMTH 80%
  • COMFORT 100%


Best of both worlds, the 4.3mm X10D allows unrestricted movements while keeping you warm during mid-season.

The Meteor X10D is the ultimate performance wetsuit. In addition to excellent thermal protection, the X10D fleece interior gives flexibility and lightness while providing great comfort. It is perfectly adapted to any discipline where you need maximum flex because of its ability to follow the body’s movements.

If you are looking for lightness and freedom of movement, this is the wetsuit you need.

MEN X10D - FZ 4,3 mm 2023

480.00 лв.