Manera Wetsuits Meteor Men X10D 3.2 mm 2021


Manera Wetsuits Meteor Men LS X10D 3.2 mm 2019

Being 100% SD² TAPED for maximum waterproofness, the Meteor X10D is built with Manera’s exclusive Triplex Neoprene. This model will keep you comfortable wherever you are!


X10D Jersey: Light and Stretchy, with a nice feeling on the skin!
Foam Neoprene Internal Air Bubbles trap air and function as Insulation, built with a quilted touch!
Reflex Skin Best stretch of neoprene on the market, that’s durable, as well as being tear and UV Resistant!
**Triple Glued, Blind Stitched, Inside Tape Welded by an Air Heater Machine, 100% Waterproof
Sealing: Sealing on limbs keeps the water away, while keeping the legs and arms in place.
Water Strainer: Drains water out of the leg, while letting you be able to continue your session!


Manera Wetsuits Meteor Men X10D 3.2 mm 2021

290.00 лв.