Best Kite TS V8



4M² : 1360 лв. нова цена 1250 лв.

5M² : 1400 лв. нова цена 1300 лв.

6M² : 1480 лв. нова цена 1380 лв.

7M² : 1540 лв. нова цена 1450 лв.

8M² : 1600 лв. нова цена 1500 лв.

9M² : 1650 лв. нова цена 1550 лв.

10M² : 1730 лв. нова цена 1600 лв.

11M² : 1800 лв. нова цена 1700 лв.

12M² : 1870 лв. нова цена 1770 лв.

14M² : 2000 лв. нова цена 1880 лв.

  • Open C Shape with four lines and single front line safety.
  • Fast turning freestyle characteristics combined with the most reliable safety system – the kite flags out a 100% when released.
  • Three strut construction throughout the rang.
  • Light weight for improved low-end.
  • Harmonized trailing edge construction.
  • Super-rigid frame makes battens obsolete.
  • Teijin Triple Ripstop from Japan.
  • Increase durability, rigidity and performance of kite.

Like the Roca V3 it benefits from our Dacron frame construction for maximum durability while keeping the kite weight light. With this new TS we are introducing the Teijin Triple Rip-Stop material for improved rigidity and longevity to our lineup.

The DNA that made the TS so popular remains. It turns as quick as you do and allows for the biggest jumps, no matter if you’re rocking Cape Town or Tarifa.


Best Kite TS V8

1,250.00 лв.