2,100.00 лв.


This year, our SUP range is growing, especially with the release of the new PAPENOO models. These can be classified as “short SUP” with a focus on speed, acceleration and maneuverability to rip off smaller waves like never before !

The initial target was to design a board as short as possible to gain in maneuverability and agility. A rectangular outline proved the right solution to keep enough hull area and volume for stability. We have also worked with a lot of attention on the glide of these boards. The shape of PAPENOO features a genuine planning hull which is both efficient and enjoyable to ride.

Size                  Dimensions           Volume     Weight
7’7’’ x 29“        231 x 74 Cm           110 L          7.8 Kg* – 2100 лв
7’11’’ x 30.5“   242 x 77 Cm           123 L         8.5 Kg* – 2150 лв
8’3’’ x 32“        252 x 81 Cm           138 L         9 Kg*   – 2200 лв